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XinHuaNet:China to build joint institute with Morocco university

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The Ministry of Education has recently approved a China-Morocco joint institute to be built by northwest China's Ningxia University and Morocco's University of Hassan I.

Ningxia University said a group of delegates visited the University of Hassan I last November, and the two universities signed an agreement to establish a joint institute, focusing on "Belt and Road" studies, serving China-Morocco trade and cooperation, and enhancing higher education cooperation between the two sides.

The two universities will hold international conferences, carry out cooperative research, as well as conducts scholars visits, students exchanges, research by officials, and training.

The institute committee will be formed of both Chinese and Moroccan scholars.

Ningxia University, located in northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, set up Arabic Language courses in 2002 and established an Arabic College in 2011.

Nearly 10 well-known universities from Arab countries have signed cooperative agreements with Ningxia University. More than 200 exchange students have been sent to universities in Morocco and Egypt.


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